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SDF Official calls for elections boycott

The SDF Chair for the Victoria Electoral District Godden Zama Ndenge has called on the party to consider boycotting the 2018 Presidential election.

The Social Democrayic Front, SDF has been parading Joshua Osih across the major cities in the country after he was invested at the party’s convention on February 24.

However, Godden Zama, SDF District chair in Limbe has called on the party to consider a boycott as an option on the table else they could be seen by the people as conniving with the regime in the face of the atrocities going on in the two English-speaking regions of the country.

In an interview granted The Guardian Post Godden Zama said going for elections without holding a genuine dialogue to seek solutions to the crisis will not be ideal.

“we are in extra ordinary times, our country is at the brink of a civil war. Elections without peace can worsen the situation

“What I am saying is that we cannot go to an election to legitimise a regime waging a brazen war against its own people. There must be dialogue, deescalation and a return to peace before elections are called,” Mr. Zama told The Guardian Post.

It should be recalled Godden Zama  was released from Kondengui alongside several anglophones in August 2017 following a Presidential clemency after he was arrested in Limbe by security forces in the heat of the Anglophone crisis.


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