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SDF poised for Senatorial victory in NW region

The CPDM may be heading for a clean sweep at the Senatorial elections that took place on Sunday across the national territory but the main Opposition party, the SDF may have just done enough to prevent an all-CPDM senate as predicted before the elections.

According to first and unofficial statistics from polling stations across the country, the Social Democratic Front is in the driving seat and a strong position to win the senatorial seats in its stronghold, the North West Region.

After a shock defeat to the CPDM five years ago in the region during the first ever Senatorial elections conducted in the country, Ni John Fru Ndi’s party seems to be reasserting itself as the leading opposition party in the country with its stronghold in the region.

However, any potential SDF victory would be helped by gate scratchers in the SDF-CPDM fight in the for of Lawan Bako’s UDP who contested for the elections in the region.

The UDP swayed most of the undecided voters to its side which has had an impact on the number of votes received by the ruling CPDM party in the region.

Others have blamed a possible CPDM defeat in the region to the unpopular candidates that were presented for the senatorials by the party.

There had been dissenting voices within the CPDM before the elections several supporters cried foul over the procedure in chosing the candidates to represent the party at the senatorial election.

A CPDM defeat in the region will call for an inquest to determine what went wrong as even the party seems to have given up on winning the North West Region.

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