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SDF presents Joshua Osih in Mbouda

SDF presents Osih in Mbouda (c)All rights reserved

The Social Democratic Front presented their Presidential candidate to population of the West Region during a meeting held in Mbouda on Monday.

In their first public outing since Joshua Osih was elected as the party’s flag bearer for the upcoming Presidential election, the SDF said they are going to present him to all the ten regions of the country as they seek support for their candidate.

Joshua Osih was presented to a large crowd that turned up in Mbouda by the chairman of the Social Democratic Front Ni John Fru Ndi who also used the opportunity to call on the population to massively register ahead of the polls.

“I did not come here to open campaigns but to present your candidate (Joshua Osih) so that he can be close to the people,” Ni John Fru Ndi told the crowd that gathered  in Mbouda.

Joshua Osih who only SDF’s second  ever Presidential candidate since 1992 thanked the population for coming out to support him and re-echoed the Chairman’s call for supporters and potential voters to register massively ahead of the polls.

“We can not afford to give an extra year to a regime that has plunged us into massive sufferings for the past 35 years,” Joshua Osih told the party’s supporters.

He stressed the needed for a change but only through the ballot box which he thinks it bis possible if Cameroonians mobilise, vote and defend their vote.

The SDF is a national party, and they will ensure they sell the party’s vision to all the ten regions of the country ahead of the polls, Osih said.

Published on 05.05.2023

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