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SDF Presidential candidate debuts campaign site

Joshua Osih, Cameroon’s front line opposition Presidential hopeful, has launched an official website for his campaigns.

The Social Democratic Front, SDF, Presidential candidate opened the digital strategy registered under the domain name www.osih2018.com.

The website has three major tags. The first is reserved for citizens who would like to be volunteers in his campaign. The second indicates the addresses of the body in charge of elections (Elecam), for those who have not yet registered on the electoral lists, and the third is reserved for potential donors.

Meanwhle, the home page of the site presents the campaign slogan of the candidate: “For a better Cameroon”. It is followed by a link to a video of Joshua Osih’s speech, recorded on the eve of the National Day celebration.  In this video, Joshua Osih resolutely entered the campaign detailing the stakes of the next election.

“Cameroon is at a crossroads…we will need determination, selflessness and courage to overcome all these problems,” he said, before inviting citizens to register massively.

It should be noted that the advent of Joshua Osih campaign site is part of a series of activities that most Presidential hopefuls have initiated in recent weeks. On May 1st last, the deputy went to the city of Mbouda, where he held a political meeting alongside Ni John Fru Ni, the president of his party. Osih debut websites comes to add to that of Akere Muna, and Paul Biya, whose sites at www.akeremuna2018.com and www.paulbiya2018.com, respectively, are already operational.

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