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SDF senators rubbish gov’t humanitarian plan

Senators of the Social Democratic Front have rubbished government’s humanitarian emergency assistance plan to assist victims of the anglophone crisis claiming it is bound to fail.

They were speaking in Yaounde on Monday during a press conference where they accused the government of putting the cart before the horse by setting up the humanitarian plan without seeking lasting solutions to the crisis.

“ …we the SDF Senators want to let the local and international press at large and Cameroonians in particular, to know that at the beginning of the June 2018 Ordinary Session, we tabled a motion through the President of the Senate which called for a setting up of a Committee of Enquiry to probe into the Government’s handling of the Anglophone crisis from October 2016 to present date, ”  Emelia Nkeze Kalebong, the Senate’s vice president read out in a statement.

The senators said their motion was purely ignored by the senate and rather concentrated on other businesses which were tabled after their motion.

“ …as regards the second issue of the Government Humanitarian Assistance Plan in the North West and South West regions, we the SDF Senators have expressed our reservations regarding the ongoing contribution/donations. Our reservations are predicated on the fact that the priority should be given to Inclusive Dialogue that will lead to a lasting solute to the crisis, ” the  senators  of the main opposition party said.

The senators predicted that the humanitarian plan is bound to fail due to the fact that it has been launched while several persons are still being killed and property lost in the war in the two English-peaking regions of Cameroon.


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