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Senegal to convene national dialogue on oil and gas

A national dialogue on the exploitation of oil and gas resources discovered in Senegal opens on June 12, 2018 at the Presidential Palace in Dakar, APA learned from an official source.According to an official communique, the President informed the council of ministers of the launch, on June 12, 2018, of the national dialogue on the exploitation of oil and gas resources in Senegal.

It added that this is “in order to establish an inclusive and transparent governance of our natural resources, and to build a lasting national consensus on the strategic orientations which frame the development, in the exclusive service of the nation, of the oil and gas industry.”

The communiqué noted the establishment of the Oil and Gas Strategic Orientation Committee (COS-PETROGAZ) and the National Institute of Oil and Gas (INPG), which were created “to consolidate the dynamics of concerted, responsible and transparent management of Senegal’s natural resources.”

It should be noted that sections of Senegal’s opposition have rejected participation in this national dialogue, with some criticizing the agreements the government in Dakar signed, without national consultations, with its counterpart in Nouakchott, which includes the equal sharing of gas discovered on their common border.

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