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Separatists’ TV trial broadcast rattles gov’t

SCACUF SG Tassang Wilfred (doubles as Consortium Programs Coordinator)

Saturday May 6, 2017 saw adepts of Southern Cameroons independence (a movement that seeks for the liberation of the English speaking regions of Cameroon from their French speaking counterparts) heave a sigh of relieve following the effective trial broadcast of what separatists call the Southern Cameroon’s Broadcasting Corporation, SCBC.

This, as the long announced broadcaster hit the airwaves of some parts of the North West and South West Regions.It sounded much like a myth to many only a few days or weeks back and yet to others, it looked like a mere piece of propaganda from a group spoiling to despoil unsuspecting and seemingly gullible masses of their hard earned resources.

Households across Anglophone Cameroon, field reports indicate, scrambled with satellite dishes to be among the first to enjoy the first images from the baby channel, but on the government side, the floating of SCBC images is more than just a threat as it represents a kind of symbol that tells of darker skies and greater work to do.

In a statement on the lunching of the TV channel which is expected, according to SCACUF, “ease the communication gap between former British Cameroonians at home in particular,” SCACUF through its spokesperson, Tassang Wilfred says it is seeking competent citizens who are interested to be part of this initiative to indicate their interest.

Prior to the lunch, Tassang Wilfred issued the following statement: “Dear Southern Cameroonians, in a few weeks to come we will proudly lunch the Southern Cameroons Broadcasting Corporation (SCBC), a satellite based TV channel that will enable us reach out to our people at home and abroad.

But many are wondering how far the TV channel can go to achieve its goals as government intends to crackdown and stop its broadcast across the country especially in the English speaking regions.

Unconfirmed reports say security forces have begun arresting technicians in the North West region for distributing signals and installing sattelite dishes that broadcast signals of the separatists’ TV channel.

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