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Sierra Leone’s annual inflation up by 0.39 percent in May

Sierra Leone’s year-on-year inflation stood at 15.47 percent in May, up from 15.08 percent in April, Statistics Sierra Leone announced on Friday.Western Area experienced the highest increase in prices among the four regions, from 17.94 percent in April to 20.00 percent in May.

Prices of food and beverages increased from 10.54 percent in April to 16.60 percent in May. There was also increase in prices in alcoholic beverages, tobacco and narcotics (from 1.62 percent in April to 4.44 percent in May), housing, electricity, gas and other fuels (from 1.98 percent in April to 5.69 in May) and restaurant and hotels (from 22.54 percent in April to 27.90 percent in May).

However, there was a prices decrease in health (from 52.31 in April to 33.61 in May), education (from 67.33 percent in April to 53.41 percent in May), and transport (from 14.09 in April to 11.86 in May).

Published on 28.04.2020

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