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Six Anglophone activists slammed heavy jail terms

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It was another round of heavy sentecing at the Yaounde military court on Tuesday as the presiding magistrate wasted no time in dishing them out to the first batch of anglophone detainees that were brought before the court.

Six of them; Lobte Jacob (11 years), Bayong Eugene (12years), Tayo Livite Kemoh (13 years), Wirba Bruno (13 years), Nyuyforan Eugene (13 years) and Numfor Godlove Ngwa (12 years) received heavy jail sentences from the presiding magistrate Mbezoa Abega Eko Eko.

The sentences were passed after the activists were found guilty by the court of acts of terrorisme, secession, revolution, conditional threats, destruction of property, hostility against the Fatherland, in violation of articles 72, 102, 111, 114, 116, 302 and 316 of the Cameroon Penal Code. Their acts are equally in violation of law 2014/028 of  the angti terrorism law of  the 23/12/2014.

The  six were equally ordered to pay 893.280 FCFA collective fine as damages to the court, each will have to disburse the sum of 148.850 FCFA, the court said. Failure to pay on time will fetch them an additional nine(9) months in prison, the court said.

They have equally been ordered to pay six million Francs as damages to the civil party and have ten days to appeal the sentence, the court concluded.

That was just the first part of the court as bigger things were still to come when Mancho Bibixy and seven others popped up for their own turn.

After a one-hour suspension of the case at the request of the defense counsel, it finally resumed with the defense party taking the floor to present its facts and arguments.

It is only after this that the court pushed further the case to Wednesday for deliberations.



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