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Six villagers injured in Boko haram landmine explosion

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Six villagers have been injured by an explosion of a landmine planted on a busy road in the Far North region by the so-called Islamic terrorist group, Boko Haram.

The explosion took place at about 12:30 this afternoon in Hardori; a locality in the Far North of Cameroon. Villagers immediately ran to rescue the six wounded in the explosion. The victims had left Homaka, their village, to fetch straw from neighbouring localities.

Most people in the Far North region use stubble to roof their houses.  Weather conditions cause the roofs to degrade, requiring regular rehabilitation of the roofs.

One of the villagers who were looking for straw to renovate the roofs of their homes, stepped on a landmine, causing it to detonate. Three of the six injured are currently in a critical condition, according to latest reports.

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