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South Sudan resumes river transport

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The Minister of Information in Fashoda State, South Sudan has said river transport routes have re-opened to allow traders move goods to the towns of Kaka, Kodok and Malakal.The routes were closed following the outbreak of civil war in 2013.

Speaking on Tuesday Mr. Othor Akouj said the state government resolved to re-open the river transport after they provided security.

“The river transport routes have been re-opened, and boats are now moving from Kodok to Malakal and from Malakal to Kodok and from Kodok to Renk,” he said.

He said the routes will allow the traders to transport goods especially the ones that have been imported from Sudan to Upper Nile region.

According to Mr. Akouj there were fewer trade activities being carried in the area due to the closure of the river routes.

He said the presence of security and peace in the area has encouraged the state government to re-open routes.

“Vehicles are moving from Kaka to Kodok and then to Malakal and this is showing that there are security and stability in the state,” Akouj said.

Mr. Akouj claimed there were no attacks since the routes were re-opened recently.

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