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Sporadic gunshots rock Mamfe

Armed men suspected to be of the Ambazonia separatist militia were, over the weekend, shot dead in the town of Mamfe after gunshots rocked the Manyu divisional capital for much of the weekend. gathered from sources in Mamfe that even before the presidential election of October 7, there had been immense tension in the area with locals mostly staying indoors due to recurrent clashes between soldiers and separatist fighters. learnt that several houses in villages in Mamfe were set ablaze supposedly by soldiers, with hundreds of occupants of the houses fleeing either into the bushes or crossing over to neighbouring Nigeria where thousands of others had long fled for fear of alleged military brutality.
It would be recalled that since the Anglophone crisis degenerated into an armed conflict, several individuals who are suspected of being sympathetic to the independence of Ambazonia, have either been arrested and detained or killed outright.
In August 2018, hundreds of young men and women from Mamfe, including one Mary Tabi, daughter of former political activist, late Peter Tabe, were arrested on suspicion of being sympathetic to Ambazonia proponents.
They were picked up on grounds that they were sharing propaganda material favourable to Ambazonia. Most of them also had their parents targeted and their village houses burnt, reportedly by military men. Mary Tabi, Ayuk Manfred, Enow Ibrahim, and Ekembe Immaculate were amongst several others who succeeded to escape jail in August 2018. Until date, they are nowhere to be found.

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