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S/Sudan: ICRC evacuates staff, patients amid insecurity in Maiwut

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International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) on Thursday says it has evacuated its workers and dozens of patients from its facility in South Sudan’s Maiwut State due to insecurity.The Communications Coordinator of the ICRC, Robin Wauodo, told journalists that there has been fighting in the area in recent weeks.

“You know that there has been some fighting going on and we got it from reliable contact that it would be important for us to leave Maiwut,” Wauodo said.

Mr. Wauodo said the ICRC had been providing medical services and life-saving assistance to people in Maiwut State.

He says the humanitarian organization started airlifting its staff and some patients last week to old Fangak ( Maiwut & Fangak states ) in the former Jonglei State (Central East ) as a precautionary measure.

“We had to evacuate the team last week starting Thursday because of the situation up there in that part of Upper Nile,” he continued.

“We evacuated the hospital as well, and patients have to be sent to old [old] Fangak where we have a medical team assisting them.

“Those are the patients who needed to continue being cared for, like surgical cases.”

Mr. Wauodo added that the ICRC will resume activities in the area as soon as the security situation improves.

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