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S/Sudanese students on scholarship in Zimbabwe resume classes

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South Sudanese Students on government scholarship in Zimbabwe say they have returned to classes after the government in Juba sent $500,000 to pay part of their tuition fees, reports said on Monday.This comes eight months since the students first complained in October last year about the delay by the government to cover their fees.

The 148 students had in April occupied South Sudan embassy in Harare for about a month after they were stopped from attending classes and denied food and accommodation by their respective universities.

This prompted the Council of Ministers to approve a sum of 500,000 US dollars a few days later to cover part of the tuition.

The students’ leader, Moses Kat, has confirmed to journalists this morning (Monday) that the money has already been paid to the universities, and the students are back to classes.

“We have received the five hundred thousand US dollars that the council of ministers and the money has been disbursed to the six universities in Zimbabwe. So the school fees have been paid although there are outstanding arrears. We have resumed our classes and we back to the universities as I speak to you I am in the laboratory trying to do some practices,”

Mr. Kat said a balance of more than one million dollars is yet to be paid by the government in tuition fees.

The students have been there since 2015.

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