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Stakeholders launch project for peaceful elections, social cohesion in Cameroon

UNDP resident coordinator Allegra Baiocchi and MINEPAT exchanging files (c)journalducameroun.com

A project to support peaceful elections and social cohesion in Cameroon was launched on Thursday November 15 in Yaounde jointly by the United Nations systems in the country and the government of Cameroon through the Ministry of Economy,Planning and Regional Development.

The UN joint project funded by the Peace Building Fund, PBF, seeks to ensure a peaceful pre-electoral, electoral and post electoral environment in Cameroon in which women, youths and other marginalised groups are better integrated in the electoral process by 2020.

“Our objective is to make sure that women and youths are integrated into the electoral process …but also in every process that aims to build dialogue and aims to build social cohesion,”the Resident Cordinator of the United Nations systems in Cameroon Allegra Baiocchi said.

Coming in the wake of the Presidential election in Cameroon, the 18-month project would also enable these groups of persons have better informed expectations of the electoral process and have strengthened access to peaceful avenues available to resolve electoral disputes.

“The project will aim at building their capacities to engage and to let their voices be heard, their interest in the electoral process, their interest and faith in peace building processes. We will also bring them together with the media, religious leaders and some of the institutions,” Allegra Baiocchi said.

All these will be possible through reinforced partnerships and information sharing between the elections management body Elecam, political parties, media actors, civil society groups and target communities who effectively contribute to the peaceful conduct of the electoral process.

It would also be achieved by empowering security forces contribute to a peaceful electoral process, prevent and mitigate electoral related tensions, amongst others.

The project will be jointly implemented by the UNDP, UNESCO and UN Women in collaboration with the government of Cameroon, international and nationaal partners, political parties, civil society organisations, religious leaders, security forces, women and youth groups as well as the media.

Published on 03.01.2023

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