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Strike: National Printing Press Employees Demands 4 months’ pay

National Printing Press

These employees had a mood movement in front of the Prime Minister’s office. After protesting for  over 4 hours, they were finally dispersed by the police.


A strike in front of the Prime Minister’s office. The employees have several reasons for their accusations against Paul Watter Nkomo, who is the head of the national printing office.

According to the information site Ecomatin, Paul Walter Nkomo is accused of multiplying fraudulent schemes to “strip the company of its statutory contracts in favour of excessive subcontracting“, and this “despite the modernisation of the technical platform of the national printing house“. The employees cite as proof “the systematic issuing of certificates of deficiency by the management, especially when ordering printed material for competitions and official examinations”.

Considering that the income from printing work carried out on behalf of public administrations constitutes its main activity,  “it can no longer rely on its production capacity to meet all the orders of its statutory market“, say the strikers.

The issue of unpaid salaries was also put on the table. According to some of the employees we met, they have not been paid since January of this year. “We have salary arrears that goes back four months. Since January until now, we have not been to the bank”.

According to some indiscretions, these employees were paid less than 6 times last year. It should be noted that the NP has been going through difficult times for several years. Moreover, a report by the Technical Commission for the Rehabilitation of Public Enterprises and Establishments in Cameroon published in 2020, showed a negative result of more than 800 million CFA francs in 2018.

mm Published on 01.08.2022

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