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Sudan: Coup attempt foiled

The Sudanese government on Tuesday said it foiled a coup attempt and the situation is under control.Information Minister Hamza Balloul in a press statement said the army put down an attempted coup that was orchestrated by a group of officers affiliated with the remnants of the former regime.

“The army thwarts a coup attempt, more details later,” said the army spokesman Tahir Abu Haja in a very short statement. o

Balloul added that the coup plotters military and civilians have been arrested including those who were in the Armoured Corps in the Shagara suburb south of Khartoum.

Military sources identified the military involved in the failed coup as Islamist officers affiliated with the former regime.

Military policemen were deployed across the city, but life in Khartoum appeared mostly normal by mid-morning, with cars and pedestrians plying the streets.

Sovereign council spokesman Mohammed El Faky Suleiman, meanwhile, urged the Sudanese to “rise up and defend your country and the transition”  in a Facebook post.

He said that the situation had been contained, suspects would be interrogated and the army would issue a statement shortly.

Published on 10.02.2021

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