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Sudan president extends ceasefire in conflict area

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Sudan’s President Omar Bashir on Sunday has extended ceasefire for 4 months in Darfur and Blue Nile and south Kordfan where rebels have been fighting the government forces for many years.The president decree comes a week ahead of the American president Donald Trump is preparing to decide whether to left or maintain the 20 –year American sanctions on Sudan which were imposed for reasons including the conflict of Darfur , Sudan”s human right records, and sponsoring international terrorism.

However, the Decree has extended the ceasefire on all military operation scenes, starting from 2nd of July 2017 and ending on 31th October

In a statement , the president said the decision ” within the context of implementing the outcome and recommendations of the National Dialogue,and in continuation of the policies adopted by the government which hold high the values of peace to the detriment of those of war.

He further argued rebels who still carrying guns to join the peace and National Accord process.

In Jonury both government and rebels declared a ceasefire in the three areas for 6 months ,but the head of Sudan liberation movement army ( SLA-M), Mini Arko Manawy accused the government forces of attacking his fighters’ held areas in Darfur wherer 300 reported killed in newest clashes between the SLM-M and government forces.

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