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Sudan’s Al-Bashir suspends negotiation with U.S government

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Sudan’s president Omer Al-Bashir on Wednesday has issued a decree suspending works of a committee formed to negotiate with the U.S government to lift sanctions on Sudan.Sudan was on Saturday waiting for American president Donald Trump to take a decision on lifting the 20-year sanctions on Sudan but, the later issued an executive order delaying his decision for three months. Trump said he wanted more time to determine whether Sudan had enough progress.

Meanwhile ,Sudan’s foreign minister ,Abraheam Ghandour has expressed regret over the recent American decision to postpone review of the sanctions, saying ” the decision was just a repeat of the attitude the Americans have been showing and repeating in a way that there is never an end to any situation”

He further said in a statement ” the American decision was not justified and that the Sudan has carried out all commitments that should have led to the total revocation of the unjust sanctions

Sudan top officials and the Trump administration, had been in an intensive dialogue since January to remove the full sanctions on Sudan after the former U.S. president Barak Obama lifted temporarily some of the sanctions , including a trade embargo.

The talks between the two countries started by five tracks, including improving humanitarian access throughout Sudan and maintaining the African country cooperation with the United states on addressing regional security

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