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SW Chiefs implore NW Fons to search for missing Batibo DO

Marcel Namata Diteng was kidnapped by unknown men

The South West Chiefs’ Conference (SWECC) and the South West Elite Association (SWELA) over the weekend dispatched two emissaries to Batibo in Momo Division of the North West Region.

The two emissaries made up of Chief Mbille and the Secretary General of SWELA, Moki Joseph Etukeni, were in Batibo to appealed to the Fons of the North West Region, especially those of Moghamo, to join in the search of the abducted Divisional Officer(DO) of Batibo, Namata Ditang.

Speaking during the conclave with the Moghama Fons, Chief Mbile urged his North West peers to do everything within their powers to bring back their son.

On his part, Moki Joseph Etukeni, told the Fons that DO Namata Ditang comes not only from a very poor family, but also from an area that has grossly been marginalised when it comes to political appointments.

He said the missing DO is serving as an inspiration and an epitome of hop to the younger generation of his area

He bemoaned that if the DO is not found, it will take more than 30 years from somebody from that area to attain such an administrative height.

On hand to receive the two emissaries from the South West Region was the Minister of the Supreme State Audit, Rose Mbah Acha, who is also an elite of Momo Division.

Minister Mbah Acha said she was very disturbed with the twists of event that were taking place in her Division of origin that is why she left Yaounde to Batibo to meet with the custodian of tradition to look for the way forward.

On his part, the Spokesperson of the Moghamo Fons, promised the emissaries from the South West Region that they are going to do everything within their powers to find the missing DO.

“We are going to clean our backyards,” he said.

The meeting between the Moghamo Fons and the emissaries from the South West Region came barely house after the Fons met at the Batibo Fon’s Palace and sent a memo to the Government, calling on her to fast track the process of dialogue in order to avert the impending danger, brewed by the Anglophone Crisis.

The Fons also condemned in very strong terms the abduction of DO Namata Diten and pledged to do everything within the powers to find him and return him to his family, whom they said was traumatized by the incident.

The missing DO, who hails from Ndian Division of the South West Region, was abducted on February 11, 2018, as he went to inspect the grandstand for the 52nd Youth Day celebration.

Since then, no one has heard from him. But on February 14, 2018, Ernest Kwandzeh , was appointed to replace the missing DO.



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