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Swazi gov’t offers reward for abducted Portuguese businessman

Swaziland police on Thursday offered a US$10,700 reward for anyone with information on the whereabouts Portuguese businessman Almor Oliveira who was allegedly abducted last weekend.The businessman went missing on Sunday while preparing to leave his business premises after closing for the day.

His car was left at the scene and police and his relatives found traces of blood in it, an indication that there could have been a scuffle between him and his kidnappers.

“You could claim part of or all of the money depending on how effective the information you have given to the police is. Each and every lead will be taken seriously and at the end of the day, those who have assisted will get their information’s worth,” said Police Commissioner Isaac Magagula.

According to local media, the police extended the offer after searching for him for days now without success.

The Portugal consul in Swaziland Carlos Lopes said his office would not panic on the abduction yet as he feels the police could handle it better.

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