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Swazi man faces counterfeit money charges in Mozambique

Former Swazi television news anchor Khanyakwezwe Dlamini has been granted US$6,400 bail after appearing before a Mozambican magistrate for allegedly dealing in counterfeit money.The Swazi embassy in Mozambique said on Wednesday that Dlamini was being held at Machava Prison in central Maputo since his arrest in April this year.

It said there was no option of surety given to Dlamini when the bail was granted on Tuesday as he is a foreigner with no property in Mozambique.

“Swaziland and Mozambique do not have any treaty entered into regarding the exchange of prisoners, so each person is expected to serve time once convicted in that respective country,” said the Embassy.

Dlamini is suspected to be part of a syndicate that deals with counterfeit money between Mozambique and South Africa.

He was arrested after the Mozambican police apprehended one of his colleagues and then set a trap to lure him into that country.

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