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Swazi parliament rejects motion on LGBTI health rights

The Parliament of Swaziland has rejected a motion that sought to have the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersexual (LGBTI) community being given first preference in accessing health facilities.Due to the fact that gay rights are not legal in Swaziland, the country’s senators did not even bother to debate their access to health services, which the motion that was moved by Senator Lindiwe Ngwenya was about, but instead discarded it on the basis that it was an illegal practice.

The senators said it was not clear why the LGBTI felt marginalised because when they approached health facilities there was no requirement for them to declare their sexuality.

It was felt that they can easily access health care services just like any other individual.

Their argument however, through Rock of Hope’s Melusi Simelane when he, as a gay man walks into hospital, he is quickly met with prejudice and disregard, which makes access to the healthcare they much deserved as per the Constitution impaired.

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