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Swazi state declares kidnapped Portuguese businessman dead

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The state of Swaziland has declared kidnapped Portuguese businessman Almor Oliveira dead, after being missing for more than two months now, APA can report on Wednesday.The state is suggesting that Oliveira did not live beyond three days, after he was kidnapped on Sunday April 16, 2017 at his business premises.
The circumstances that lead to the declaration, according to the investigating team, are that a forensic test conducted in South Africa has confirmed that blood stains that were found in Oliveira’s car, a day after the kidnapping belonged to him and that the hair strands that were found on one of the suspects’ firearm matched with the blood.
“The three kidnap suspects who are on trial failed to show proof of life when they demanded a ransom of $384 600 from Oliveira’s family, despite the family said the money was readily available,” a senior detective leading the investigation team revealed.
This part of evidence was gathered after the investigators cracked an iPhone belonging to one of the suspects, where they found messages to that effect.
The three suspects Qing Ming He, his wife Zheng Renmel and his girlfriend Dao Thanta Hue, refused to give the police passwords to their iPhones, something which made the government spend $2 900 to acquire technical assistance from the United States to unlock the phones.

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