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Swaziland appoints new AG

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Swaziland has appointed Sifiso Khumalo as its new Attorney General (AG), replacing Majahenkhaba Dlamini who has been named a permanent judge at the Supreme Court.Khumalo is the third Swazi AG to serve after the Ghanaian Martin Dwamena who assumed the role from 1997 to 1999.

Confirming the news to APA on Friday, Acting Justice and Constitutional Affairs Minister Dumisani Ndlangamandla said they were working on gazetting the appointment so that it would be made public.

The newly-appointed AG who is also a local chief described his new position as a mammoth challenge but assured Swazis that the new duties that he has assumed will not in any way compromise his position as a traditional leader.

Among his duties, the AG will represent chiefs in their official capacity in legal proceedings and also advise the king on any matter of law including those related to functions vested in the monarch by the constitution or any other law and drafting and signing all government bills presented to parliament.

“I will try my best to rise above expectations. I thank God for every day and for everything that happens for me,” he said.

The mission of the office that Khumalo is now holding is to ensure the maintenance of the rule of law with a commitment to support all organs of the state and, through the provision of efficient, proper and reliable legal services and to attain good governance.

It also has a mandate to support the implementation of the constitution and improve the administration of justice, enhance the economic well being of the nation and give meaning to the fundamental rights of the individual.

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