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Swaziland embarks on de-worming exercise for schools

About 216,000 school-going children will take de-worming tablets that will be distributed in about 500 primary and high schools in Swaziland during an exercise that commenced on Wednesday.The exercise is expected to be carried out within a period of three days as a joint venture by the Ministry of Health and that of Education and Training.

The main areas of focus for the fight against worms and parasites were guided by findings of a country mapping study that was conducted in 2015 where worm-infested areas were identified.

The national de-worming exercise was re-introduced in early 2017 after a seven-year-long suspension that resulted from complaints from the public on the side-effects that resulted by the manner in which the tablets were administered to pupils.

The complaints ranged from untrained personnel to illnesses and handful deaths that resulted from taking the tablets.

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