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Swaziland: Kidnap suspects deny police access to phones

The police in Swaziland are having a tough time retrieving information from cellphones belonging to the suspected kidnappers of Portuguese businessman Almor Oliveira, APA learns here on Wednesday.The phones of the three suspects of Asian origin; Qing Ming He (Chinese), his wife Zheng Rebmel (Chinese) and his girlfriend Dao Thanta Hue (Vietnamese) are currently in the custody and have refused to give their secret passwords to the detectives for the purposes of unlocking them.

This has led to the prosecution to make an application seeking the court to issue an order to have the cellphones taken to the United States for unblocking.

The prosecution revealed on Wednesday that it is using this as further ground for denying bail to the suspects.

Oliveira went missing on April 16 while at his business premises and his car was found with blood stains.

The police launched a search and promised a E150,000 (about US$11,500) reward for information leading to his whereabouts while some Asian businesspeople offered a reward of E1m for similar information.

On April 26 the police combed the Matsapha Industrial Site in search for Oliveira and later on arrested a couple of Asian origin and another woman in connection with the disappearance of Oliveira.

The prosecution made an application to have blood samples taken from the suspects for testing, which is yet to be determined by the court.

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