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Swaziland moves to preserve local language

The government of Swaziland has set aside US$72,500 for the restoration of the mother language siSwati, APA learns here on Tuesday.Prime Minister Barnabas Dlamini said the mandate will be carried out by a recently established seven-member board that was appointed last week to also establish and sustain duality and parity of both English and siSwati which are main languages of the country.

The board was launched by Dlamini who mentioned that government has intention to make siSwati the main language in national schools such that all subjects will now be taught in siSwati as opposed to the current situation where they are taught in English.

“The objective is not to remove English but to reinstate the parity. The board will ensure that siSwati is also offered from pre-schools and that pre-schoolers were also tested using their mother tongue,” the premier said in a statement.

This is the second decision to be taken by cabinet this year as far as the school syllabus is concerned, following the ban of other religions in public schools, save for Christianity.

The latter received a budget of US$3.6 million, which will cater for the training of teachers for the new Religious Education syllabus that excludes other religions and also the purchasing of the Holy Bibles and other related books.

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