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Swaziland nominated into ILO governing body

Despite having been placed into the International Labour Organisation (ILO) special list previously, Swaziland has been nominated for co-option into the organisation’s governing body.The news was shared on Wednesday by Swazi Labour and Social Security Minister Winnie Magagula who is currently in Geneva attending an ILO meeting.

The official said details of the nomination would be shared at a later stage but however highlighted that this was an honour for the country and a positive sign that Swaziland was improving quite impressively with regards to solving its labour issues.

“The country is also not among those that are expected to answer for their actions on labour issues,” the minister said in a statement.

Swaziland was ordered to meet five benchmarks and has so far met only three. These are amendments to the Industrial Relations Act; amendments to sections 40 and 97 of the Industrial Relations Act relating to civil and criminal liability to union leaders during protest actions; and establishment of a code of good practice for the police during public protests.

The other two that are close to being met are the amendment of the Suppression of Terrorism (amendment) Bill and the Public Order Bill.

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