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Swaziland ranks low in manpower fit for military service

Swaziland is ranking low among countries whose people are fit to undertake military service.Other low ranking countries are Qatar, Slovenia, Namibia, Republic of Congo, Gabon and Albania while high-ranking the nations are China, India, USA, Indonesia and Brazil.
The measure of individual members of the population ultimately determines the strength of a country’s army as a whole, according to the Generic Functional Procedures (GFP) ranking.
The country also has fewer men who are eligible to join the army, at 118570, while 124132 women are eligible.
The eligibility is only determined by the military age range, which is between 18 and 49 years.
The manpower fit for military service report reflects that, “Wars ultimately come down to manpower and, from this, the portion of the population that is actually able to assist in the war effort (able-bodied souls for fighting, production,” read the report in part.
Manpower Fit for Military Service is used by the Generic Functional Procedures (GFP) final ranking to further define a nation’s overall military strength.

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