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Swaziland to build referral hospital with Kuwait Fund loan

Swaziland’s Finance Minister Martin Dlamini told the country’s Senators in Parliament on Thursday that the main reason they need a national referral hospital is to give Swazis access to specialised health services.He was defending the planned construction of the referral hospital, from a loan agreement of $9.8 million between Swaziland and the Kuwait Fund.

“If Swaziland could access the loan, it could save Swazi patients from the long wait to see doctors in South African hospitals, as they give their citizens first priority.

“The national referral hospital will also act as a bait to attract Swazi doctors who are working outside Swaziland to return home,” the minister added.
The Senate subsequently approved the bill, which means construction will resume as soon as the loan was released.
The loan will be repaid in two annual instalments over a period of 20 years.

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