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Swaziland: Youth unemployment hits 53 percent

Swaziland’s youth unemployment rate is now at 53 percent, a senior government official has lamented.Speaking on Friday, Minister of Commerce, Industry and Trade, Jabulani Mabuza claimed about 53 percent of Swazi youth is unemployed.

He said this segment of the population has to be accessed with entrepreneurship development programs and opportunities that will help transform this growing concern.

He advised the government to actively decide that if they are unable to create employment for their young people, they must capacitate and provide them with opportunities to start businesses and create jobs for themselves and others.

Speaking during a meeting at the Lugogo Sun in Ezulwini on Friday, Mabuza said there were so many aspects to entrepreneurship, and these include agriculture, technology and inventors, which the youth could
venture in.

He said Swazis must copy other nations and instill entrepreneurship skills in children while they are still very young.

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