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Swaziland’s blood bank runs dry

The blood bank of Swaziland has run dry of blood, putting at great risk patients who are suffering from leukaemia, cancer of the blood, skin and lung cancer, an official said on Friday.Chief laboratory technologist at the Blood Bank, Gugu Maphalala said the demand of blood has gone up over the years due to eruption of disease as blood goes out of the bank at a high rate than it is coming in.

“It is crucial that we have donors who will meet all the dimensions that are considered like blood type because that is what matters most,” she said.

She said they used the World Blood Donor Day on Tuesday to raise awareness on the importance of donating blood for voluntary and regular blood donors.

This request was extended with main focus on school-going who are above the age of 16, depending on the size of their bodies.

In 2016 the Ministry of Health turned to inmates for blood after the bank went completely dry around the festive season when experts say blood is most needed due to the high accident rate around that time.

Many people had negative perceptions of the decision to collect blood from inmates as they said it was against certain standards.

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