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Swaziland’s health sector gets $60m external funding

The ministry of health got the highest external funding at $60 million in the 2015/2016 financial year, with the Republic of China on Taiwan being the biggest donor, APA can report on Thursday.A report released by the ministry on Wednesday indicates that the health sector got about 47 percent of the total external funding by external donor while the 53 percent was shared by the ministry of agriculture which had issues of drought to take care of and the ministry of punlci works and transport which deals with infrastructure.

“Most of the donot funds were directed to HIV and Tuberculosis prevention, treatment and mitigation of the impacyt of the epidemics on the people,” reads the report.

Taiwan is said to have toppped up its high financial assistance with technical assistance in the form of doctoers who brought specialized health services in the form of expertise and equipment in the past
financial year.

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