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Swaziland’s maize yield will be 20 000plus metric tonnes short

Swaziland will have a shortfall of about 23 000 metric tonnes of maize, which it has to import in order to meet the local demand for maize.The National Maize Corporation (NMC) announced the projection through communications officer Nokwanda Masuku, who said this year’s harvest is estimated at 120 000 metric tonnes.
“This season’s white maize harvest will boost domestic maize supply significantly. In addition, large scale maize farmers have contributed a total area of over 400 hectares, which reflects a huge improvement
in local maize production.”

The NMC official said NMC will construct new silos in preparation for 2018’s maize harvest.
In the past few years, Swaziland’s maize production was at its lowest due to the prolonged drought that also affected other southern African countries.

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