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Taking the church to court is a direct demonic attack- Pentecostal churches’ union

Archbishop Anyere Godfred, New Day Kingdom Assembly of Churches-Presiding Prelate for Africa. (c)All rights reserved

The Apostolic Bishops Congress has issued a call for all Pentecostal churches to join and pray unto God for the preservation of his church and servants following what it termed “incrimination of the servants of God”.

The Apostolic Bishops Congress, ABC is a national council of Pentecostal bishops, superintendents of Pentecostal Churches. It is headed by Archbishop Godfred Anyere. In the written call for support for Catholic, Baptists and Presbyterian Church leaders facing trial, the leaders of the ABC condemn the complainants.

It should be recalled that the clergy was dragged to court by a “Consortium of Parents” whose legality and representativeness is being questioned by parents in both the North West and South West region.

The ABC bemoaned “personalities who instead of providing solutions to the present upheaval in Cameroon, think they can drag the church and God in the mud by taking the church to court…the reprobate conception of taking the church to court is a direct demonic attack on the church.”

The leaders of Pentecostal churches also note in the letter that all Christians together with the apostolic and Pentecostal bishops, pastors and leaders to stand up in one voice and prayer behind the “ministers of God summoned. If Catholics, Presbyterians and Baptiists are taken to court, the entire pentecostal body is directly involved”

Meanwhile the hearing of the Catholic Bishops in the North West region has been adjourned indefinitely while the Bishops of the South West region also witnessed an adjournment of their case from April 24 to June 5, 2017. The Catholic Bishops are expected to appear before the Fako High Court in Buea alongside the Moderator of the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon;PCC for the same charges.

Published on 28.04.2020

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