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Tanzania claims enough methadone to treat drug addicts

Minister of Health, Community Development, Gender, Elderly and Children, Ummy Mwalimu, says that her government has sufficient methadone a medication used for the rehabilitation of recovering drug addicts.She said that the government has just finished procuring enough stock to last the whole year.

“Since the government launched its campaign on illicit drugs, no patient who has been turned away due to lack of the drug,” she claimed.

She was speaking on Tuesday in Dar es Salaam, while briefing journalist about the medication.

The Tanzanian government had to order some methadone from Zanzibar when the exercise to rehabilitate drug addicts started but after the procurement, they now have sufficient consignment.

Following the ongoing countrywide crackdown on illicit drugs, mainland Tanzania faced an acute shortage of the medication.

Minister Mwalimu explained that due to restriction on the medication imports had made it hard for hospitals to provide the drugs to an increased number of new patients.

The government intensified the campaign against narcotics, leading to increased demand for methadone from addicts who could no longer access illicit drugs.

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