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Tanzania impounds sub-standard goods worth $8.5m

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The Fair Competition Commission (FCC) in Tanzania confiscated fake and sub-standard goods worth a total of $8.5 million during the entire 2016 calendar year, the country’s parliament has heard.The exercise helped avert dangers to the lives of hundreds of people who would have consumed or made use of the products if they had made it into the market.

Speaking in Parliament in Dodoma on Friday, the Deputy Minister for Water and Irrigation, Isack Kamwelwe said the government was doing everything possible to ensure that counterfeit and sub-standard products do not find their way into the local market, especially at this time when Tanzania is actively sensitising local and foreign investors to set up industries in various sectors in the endeavor to industrialise.

Mr Kamwelwe was responding to a question from Shally Raymond who had wanted to know what the government was doing to control the influx of counterfeits in the country.

According to Mr Kamwelwe, the Tanzania Bureau of Standards has confiscated goods including sub-standard clothes, meat, sausages, lubricants, automotive batteries and solar appliances.

Similarly, TBS also seized a total of 84,000 sub- standard iron sheets, 200 cartons of spirits packed in sachets.

During the same time, about 200 cartons containing flags of different nations were returned to their origin.

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