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Tanzania scraps ‘incompetent’ national sports council

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The Tanzanian Sport ministry on Tuesday announced it was dissolving the national sports over claims it has done little to develop sport in the country.The council has been responsible for managing the affairs of sport but has been mired in controversy over corruption allegations.

Sports Minister Harrison Mwakyembe declared the council dissolved, saying its members have been negligent and sometimes incompetent in improving Tanzania’s profile in sport.

He said while the council’s failings could not be blamed on lack of resources, the commitment of its officials to stamp out corruption has been found wanting.

The dissolution of the council comes exactly two weeks after senior officials of the Tanzanian football federation were fingered in accusations of money-laundering.

However, Mohammed Kiganja a former Secretary General of the now defunct council has denied any suggestion of corruption within the body.

“ I must say that there was no corruption in the council although corruption has dominated the sports (sector) in the country in general” he said, adding that the problem undermines elections in football clubs in Tanzania.

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