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Tanzania to procure drugs directly from manufacturers

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Tanzania’s Medical Stores Department (MSD) has started the process of procuring drugs and medical supplies directly from manufacturers, instead of the traditional way of using private suppliers.The move is part of implementation of directives issued in November last year by President John Magufuli, when he marked his first year in the office.

Speaking to reporters on Friday in Dar es Salaam, the Minister for Health, Community Development, Gender, the Elderly and Children, Ummy Mwalimu, said the changes would increase availability of medicines and save costs.

“The medicines will be brought from 78 manufacturers in 20 countries, with 10 from Tanzania. The manufacturers have been given a two-year contract,” she said, adding that the new system started from 1 July this year.

The 20 manufacturers are from Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, South Africa, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Korea, China and Germany. Others are in Denmark, France, Belgium Italy, Romania, United States, Cyprus, Swiss and the United Arab Emirates.

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