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Tanzanians need to pull up socks to compete in EAC

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Tanzanians lack the right skills to compete in the East African regional integration, a top government official said on Friday.In view of this, higher learning institutions need to come up with right curriculum that will build youths confidence as well as skills to be able to utilize numerous opportunities found in the EA bloc.

Minister for Foreign Affairs and International Corporation Augustine Mahiga said this on Friday when launching reports on EAC boundless cross-border opportunities for business and trade.

“The government intends to have its people benefit from this opportunities not only through trade but also investment and value addition of its goods,” he said.

He said for the youth to be able to identify and grab the EAC common market opportunities, member state countries need to harmonize their university curriculum to have same goal of empowering the youth with the right skills.

He noted that currently higher learning institutions were not producing youth with right skills and if the situation is not rectified, the country’s youth will loss the opportunity.

He said President John Magufuli has recognized the EAC potential, and that was why he was aiming for an industrialized country to compete with its neighbors Kenya instead of continually depending on agriculture.

In view of this he said that Tanzania was working towards eliminating all trade barriers to enable free movement of labor and capital.

Before the launch, University of Dar es Salaam lecturer Haji Semboja said there is a mismatch of skills in the region and youths need to be empowered to identify carrier planning either as self-employment or job seekers.

“Tanzanians need to be exposed to be strategic and grab the EAC opportunities,” he said.

On his part, Francis Kiwanga from Foundation for Civil Society said they have been conducting continuous seminars and workshops aimed at making the youth aware of the opportunities found in the bloc.

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