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Ten illegal migrants arrested in Mauritania

Nine Senegalese and one Beninese were intercepted by the Mauritanian gendarmerie in Nouadhibou, 470 kilometers north of Nouakchott, as they attempted to reach the Spanish Canary Islands, security sources said.The group of illegal migrants was arrested in Mauritanian waters aboard a boat that set sail for the Iberian archipelago on Tuesday night.

He was questioned about the circumstances of his arrival in Mauritania and the identity of the smugglers who organized the trip.

Depending on current usage in Mauritania, the ten will be handed over to the police who will have them deported to their countries of origin.

Some 50 Senegalese nationals who were on their way to the Canary Islands on board a pirogue had been apprehended on June 3 off Nouadhibou and returned to their country.

Mauritania is bound to Spain by agreements which provide that the security services of the former prevent any attempt to infiltrate Spanish territory from their country.

Members of the Spanish Civil Guard are present in Nouadhibou, with maritime surveillance equipment in a joint crackdown on illegal migration.

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