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Cameroon: Yaounde To Host A ‘Patriot’ Monument

The monument has been under construction since January 2022. It is located on the roundabout between the Prime Minister’s office and the Ministry of Higher Education.

Something new in Yaounde. It is true, it is still on its way. This is the “Patriot” monument. The building is built on the roundabout of the Prime minister’s office.

Although it is framed by a fence in the national colours (green-red-yellow), one can nevertheless see a representation of the construction site.

The main attraction here is the erection of the arches through each other, with above two hands of white colors which serve as support to the map of Cameroon.

At the bottom, there is a circle where several concrete geometric figures are represented in particular circles, rhombuses and stars.

According to the engineer in charge of the works, Hubert Andze Olinga, “it is an edifice that keeps the cultural identity of the peoples of the Center. It is composed of two fiberglass arches. Her tiara consists of two hands bearing precisely the map of Cameroon, five swimming pools, three of which are central in the shape of a star in the colors of Cameroon. The rest of the space will be pedestrian.”

This monument is the result of an action decided during an extraordinary session of the members of the community council organized on December 29, 2021 at the Yaounde city hall.

mm Published on 01.08.2022

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