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Three US journos deported from South Sudan

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The South Sudanese government has expelled three US journalists who had entered the country without visas.Speaking in Juba on Tuesday, Makol Mawien, a spokesman of the Foreign Affairs ministry did not disclose the identities of the journalists but confirmed that they were sent back to Nairobi, Kenya last Friday.

He also stopped short of naming the organisations they represented while in South Sudan.

The US embassy in Juba has not commented.

The three were briefly detained at the Nadapal border in Namurunyang State, Eastern Equatorial after they were found to have been without entry visas.

They were traveling from the Kenyan capital Nairobi.

“So, they were intercepted and sent back to apply for a visa,” Mawein said adding that they would be allowed into the country with proper visas.

The deportations come against the backdrop of increasing clampdown on journalists by the South Sudanese government.

It was forced to reverse a ban on 20 foreign journalists by a barrage of international condemnations.

Local journalists have been killed, apparently targeted by armed militias since the outbreak of civil war in 2013.

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