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Tibor Nagy applauds US travel ban on Cameroon military official

The United States Assistant Secretary for African Affairs Tibor Nagy has applauded the decision of his government to impose a travel ban on a top Cameroon military official on grounds of corruption.

On Tuesday July 9, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo publicly designated “the Republic of Cameroon Inspector General of the Cameroonian Gendarmerie, Colonel Jean Claude Ango Ango, due to his involvement in significant corruption related to transnational wildlife trafficking.”

Tibor Nagy has described the decision by his country as a committment to fight corruption and combat transnational trafficking.

“The public designation of Cameroon Inspector General of the Gendarmerie Colonel Jean Claude Ango Ango, demonstrates our commitment in fighting corruption and combatting transnational wildlife trafficking,” Tibor Nagy tweeted.


Published on 28.04.2020

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