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Lake Baleng

Enclosed in the heart of the Baleng village in the West region, this lake, beyond its traditional value, is a real source of curiosity and attraction. Sprinkled with green space, it provides a unique setting for relaxation or even communion with nature.
A suitable place to escape from the noise of the city, the pressure of work and spend a quiet weekend, letting yourself be lulled by the shimmering and soothing melodies of the birds. The beauty of its fauna coupled with the richness of its flora is a feast for the eyes.
A traditional symbol, the watercourse is also a space reserved for traditional rites. Cults and initiation sessions are often held there. Although you can fish from this side, there is nevertheless the risk of falling on a totem. Several dignitaries of the Baleng chiefdom have totems residing in the lake.
With its 1300 meters of altitude, the lake is located just a stone’s throw from the upper Baleng chiefdom. And to access the lake, you must first obtain authorization from the chef or his collaborators.


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