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How to start a barbing salon business

There are some businesses that will always remain profitable as long as they’re well managed: Barbing salon is one of them.

In a country like ours where most men visit the salon at least twice a week to either cut or shave their hair, you need not be told that owners of barbing salons are successful entrepreneurs.

However, a lot of people are not aware of this. They tend to assume that the business is not profitable enough because it is not the loud kind of business.

Be that as it may, it is important to note that barbing salon business can be very lucrative, especially when it is properly managed. And interestingly, it cost very little to keep the business running.

Here are the things you should know if you wish to start a barbing salon business

1. Get a shop in a good location

Unarguably, location can be said to be everything when it comes to businesses like this because your barbing salon needs to be in a place where it can easily be accessed.

Your shop should be located on a busy road or a place where people can easily notice, because the more strategic the location, the more customers you’re able to pull in daily.

Preferably, residential areas should be considered as people tend to visit the saloon before or after work and especially during the weekends.

2. Furnish your shop

Furnishing a barbing salon is not really much of a big deal. It is quite simple and cost-effective.

All that is required is a good and comfortable revolving chair where your customers will sit on while their hair is being cut.

In addition, you will need other chairs where your waiting customers can seat. And a table cabinet for barbing equipment like clippers, scissors, towels e.t.c

A good local carpenter can help you fix the table cabinet and chair at an affordable price. Don’t forget that you will need a good standard mirror as well.

3. Buy original clippers

For a start, you will need at least two clippers. But you can decide to go for more if you wish to start a bit above average.

Chaoba clipperplayChaoba clipper

 (Deal day)

As advised, it better to go for the original ones as they will last you longer and serve you better. They can be a bit expensive no doubt but bear in mind that they are cost-effective.

4. Get a sterilizer

Although a lot of people visit the salon with their personal clippers these days, it still doesn’t change the fact that people will be more inclined to patronize your salon if they are assured that your clippers are well treated and sterilized.

This is why you need to get a good electronic sterilizer that will be used to treat your clippers and that of your customers after use to prevent the spread of communicable diseases.

5. Get a standby generator

You do not need a big one except if you can afford it. A small generator of N10,00 to N12,000 is OK for the job. Generator is so important in the business of barbing that without it, you may not be able to do the business.

In conclusion, be reminded that you don’t have to be a professional barber to own a barbing salon. In fact, most of the well-to-do barbing salons are own by those who know nothing about the art.

If you desire to invest in the business, look for a trusted barber that can link you up with two others. Negotiate with them how you want the place to be run. And ensure you all agree with your conclusions.


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