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Togo: CSOs condemn ban on political rallies in northern city of Kara

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Fourteen Togolese civil society organizations (CSOs) on Monday decried the banning of political demonstrations in the town of Kara in the North of the country.The ban was introduced by the local authorities and they appeal for the national and international opinion to mobilize their energies in order to save the country from the policy of “divide and rule.”

“If it was true that the freedom of expression, opinion and demonstrations gained after bitter struggles, we have noticed that its full implementation across the national territory has been a challenge” a communiqué issued by the CSOs seen by the African Press Agency reads.

The organizations deplored the fact that officials of the “Parti des Togolais” (Party of Togolese People) were banned from holding a rally scheduled for Sunday, 2nd July, 2017 in the venue of the city hall while all the “necessary arrangements were taken for the smooth and peaceful conduct of the rally.”

Earlier, another political movement namely the PNP was denied access to Kara, despite the fact that the all the legal and regulatory procedures were met, CSOs regret.

“In face of such restrictions, we cannot remain indifferent to these retrograde practices that do not honor our country. Togo is one and indivisible. No one should rely on an artificial division of territory by manipulating ethnicity to fulfill their political ambitions,” they warned, adding that they are monitoring the situation very closely.

The city of Kara is the region where current the Togolese president Faure Gnassingbe hails from.

Published on 28.04.2020

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