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Traditional rulers pay hommage to Nfon Mukete after Senate reappointment

Nfon Mukete

The eldest member of Cameroon’s Senate was offered a hectic reception by Bafaw traditional rulers on Tuesday on the occasion of the opening of the Ordinary session of the Senate.

His kinsmen came to pay their respect to a custodian of tradition and beacon of time in whom the Head of State Paul Biya has once again placed his trust in by re-appointing him as Senator.

To the traditional rulers, this is a sign of confidence placed by the Head of State on the Bafaw people and a call for them to work harder in consolidating peace and national unity.

Senator Victor Mukete in traditional fashion was moved by the gesture from his kinsmen who he hailed for their selflessness in putting a halt to all their activities to commune with him.

By leaving your numerous occupations and businesses to commune with us on this very special day, you have once again proven your continuous love to my humble self,” he said.

Senator VE Mukete used the opportunity to stress the importance of living together in peace, love and harmony despite any differences and difficultieson the road.

“My fervent wish and recommendation to you is to remain law abiding, peace loving, and pass all, continue to work jealously for the preservation of Cameroon’s unity as a nation,” he told all present.

He also thanked the Head of State for his trust and confidence bestowed upon his humble self as well as praised him for the the continuous efforts deployed in solving the Anglophone crisis.

He stressed dialogue which has been initiated by the Head of State is a continuous process and which will be accelerated in order to reinforce national unity.



Published on 28.04.2020

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