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Tree planting mitigate climate change effects-Experts

Planting of trees reduce the harsh effects of climate change, environmental experts have said.

The experts were speaking in Yaounde while launching a  pilot green space to meet up with the need for urban green spaces in the environment as highlighted in this year’s theme for World Forest Day celebration.

The green space was launched on Tuesday March 22 at the Baptist High School in Awae-Yaounde by Greenpeace Africa and its local partners as part of activities marking the World Forest Day.

Over fifty trees were planted by Greenpeace Africa’s volunteers ‘Environmental Ambassadors’ along with the students of Baptist High School, Awai.

“We are calling on the government to put in place national policies that will support sensitisation efforts about the importance of trees in our urban cities,” said Greenpeace Africa’s Environmental Ambassador, Biakolo Onana Alain.

He also used the opportunity to advocate for a national tree planting exercise to reduce the risk of climate change across the cities.

The campaign seeks to educate and inform young Cameroonians about the important role of the forest in helping city dwellers to live healthy.

World Forest Day is an opportunity to reflect on the usefulness of forest and the urgent need to address irresponsible practices that undermine intact forest.

In Cameroon, industrial agriculture is a major threat in efforts to protect the second largest rainforest – the Congo Basin Forest.

“By its sheer size, the Congo Basin Forest serves as a large carbon reservoir of global significance for regulating greenhouse gas and carbon dioxide. Greenpeace stands with local and indigenous communities to protect the forest against illegal industrial agriculture and land grabbing,” Greenpeace Africa Forest Campaigner, Sylvie Djacbou said.

The International Day of the Forest was established in 2012 by the United Nations General Assembly to highlight the importance of forest and the challenges faced with regards to degradation and deforestation.

Published on 28.04.2020

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